logistics lo‧gis‧tics [ləˈdʒɪstɪks] noun [plural] TRANSPORT
the arrangements that are needed for goods, materials, equipment, and people to be in the right place at the right time:

• the logistics of shipping materials from Britain to Siberia

reˌverse loˈgistics
TRANSPORT the process of dealing with products that have been returned by customers or shops

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logistics UK US /ləˈdʒɪstɪks/ noun [plural]
the process of planning and organizing to make sure that resources are in the places where they are needed, so that an activity or process happens effectively: »

About 3% of his turnover went to paying for logistics and distribution.

the logistics of sth »

His job is to oversee the logistics of the building program.

a logistics company/firm/group »

We hired a logistics company to help us cut costs.

See also REVERSE LOGISTICS(Cf. ↑reverse logistics)

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